As news becomes more and more localized, there is an increasing demand to create just-in-time local news where it happens, when it happens. The legacy satellite and microwave based electronic news gathering (ENG) systems are too costly to capture the ever growing long tail local content.

Our SD WAN is a modern live video delivery technology that utilizes cellular wireless modems to transport video live from remote locations. The video quality is high and is transmitted with low latency as multiple cellular cards (3G/4G/LTE)  are bonded together for a faster and more reliable connectivity. This means a one-man news crew can do the job of an electronic news gathering (ENG) truck. This will enable all of the photographers and reporters to reach to the news sites quickly and be the first to break the story.

Our SD WAN transports an analog video/audio signal from a remote location to a headquarter location for live video streaming applications. Videographers can simply plug in the analog or digital video/audio feed from the video camera to the industry standard connectors of the case, add the USB modem cellular aircards (3G/4G/LTE) and start video delivery to the receiver at the headquarter location which provide analog or digital video/audio output.