For an enterprise with multiple branch offices connecting to their corporate HQ, A Cloud Leased Line (CLL) powered by our SD-WAN appliance with Broadband Bonding technology provides a unique WAN value proposition. With our SD Network appliances at the each location, All offices will be able to bond together their various Internet access lines to create a virtual, secure, fast and reliable IP pipe to and from their corporate HQ, including VPN bonding. CLL is an ideal high performance alternative to Lease/Dedicated/MPLS circuits and is highly cost effective, more efficient and with a much higher reliability. CLL can also be utilized to offload public Internet traffic off of Lease/Dedicated/MPLS circuits when deployed along side with Lease/Dedicated/MPLS circuits – generating huge savings in Lease/Dedicated/MPLS circuits bandwidth cost. CLL is a very cost effective and efficient  Lease/Dedicated/MPLS circuits alternative.

Additionally, if each branch Internet traffic is funneled through the headquarter (such as through a VPN), then the branch  will enjoy VPN bonding and the bonded speeds not only for the point-to-point connection to the headquarter, but also for the traffic to/from the public Internet. Optionally, the remote office public Internet traffic can be offloaded and bonded locally. This also helps if your organization wants to deploy a company wide Internet policy with central firewall and policy based routing. This translates to a substantial cost saving not only in hardware but also manpower and resources required for maintenance.

To learn more about our SD-WAN enterprise solution with WAN bonding technology, please contact us via email or phone. Additional information about CLL is available here – Cloud Leased Line for Multi Office communications.