ISP and Local Exchange Carriers

Our SD Network and Broadband Bonding with SD-WAN based solutions enable ISPs and LECs to provide unique and cost effective WAN services to their client base.

Our SD Network and Broadband Bonding Service architecture enable service providers to bond various Internet access lines without any upgrade in their core-network and manage CPE units remotely with ease and zero-touch configuration. Our unique bonding technology enables service providers with the most cost effective IP transport to provide unique service offerings.

Unlike conventional bonding techniques, in Bonded Internet(TM) the Broadband Bonding Network Appliance (CPE) resides only at the customer premises. Ports on DSLAM devices do not need to be statically pre-allocated for bonded service. Having no CAPEX requirements for equipment installations enables the service provider to start offering the solution without a costly roll-out. This results in lower cost structure to provide the bonded service. Our SD Network and Broadband Bonding with SD-WAN architecture is ideal for providing metro-ethernet like services.