ISP Neutral

Bond diverse connections

Without our SD Network solution; to bond different connections, the connections, need to be from the same service provider, with the same latencies and the same throughput. Which means it was only possible to bond leased circuits from the same Internet Service provider. Without our SD Wan solution it is not possible to bond diverse connections of different speeds, latencies, throughput etc. With our SD WAN, Internet connections of different types, providers, speeds, and latencies can be bonded. Use a combination of DSL, cable, fiber, fixed or leased circuits, and even mobile 4G and upcoming 5G connections etc.

Advanced algorithms

Before our Advanced Bonded Internet, it was almost impossible to bond connections of different types, providers, speeds, or latencies. Naively distributing packets among connections with different delays resulted in significant out-of-order packet delivery at the receiving host. Because the core Internet protocol, the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), reduces its speed when packets are delivered in the wrong order. Adding a high-latency connection to a bond of low-latency connections could actually reduce the overall throughput of a TCP flow.

This isn’t the case with our SD Network. Bond any connection, any latency, any speed. Our technology handles the rest.