MPLS Alternative


Our SD Network and Bonded Internet can be deployed worldwide to create a customizable SD WAN with nearly no capital costs. Consider, below, the two most common deployments for Enterprises using Our SD Network and Bonded Internet™.

1.  Full Replacement of MPLS to Hub-and-Spoke IPVPN

    400% increase in per-site Bandwidth
    52% decrease in cost (over T1-based MPLS)

We know customers are looking for alternatives to Dedicated/MPLS. Replacing an entire Dedicated/MPLS WAN with a competing service is not a decision to be taken lightly. However, the advantages far outweigh the risks. Consider the ability to increase your per-site bandwidth such that your most remote sites can take advantages of Cloud-based services – or can access the corporate database securely: Our SD Network and Bonded Internet™ allows Enterprise customers to create customized SD WANs for each site.

Consider the Features:

  • Dedicated Private WAN for all sites
  • Managed, centralized firewall to control Internet traffic
  • Multi-Connection Bonding (Across Service-Providers/Speeds/Latencies for Increased Network Reliability)
  • Private or Public IP Addresses – as determined by the Enterprise
  • End-to-End Quality of Service for Voice over IP, Video Conferencing, etc.
  • Same-IP Failover – network outages don’t affect Remote Users or applications

2.  “Sore-Thumb” Sites – MPLS Add-on

    Decrease Costs
    Maintain Features

We understand that not all of an enterprise’s sites can be easily (or affordably) put onto the corporate, Dedicated/MPLS-based Wide Area Network. In fact, from our experience, somewhere between 5% and 20% of a corporate network’s MPLS sites can make up nearly 50% of WAN costs.

Consider a recent 49-site opportunity:

  • Number of MPLS sites – 49
  • Average per-site MRC for MPLS – 782.62
  • Total MRC for MPLS WAN – 38,348.30
  • Number of sites paying >1000.00/month for MPLS – 11 (22% of all sites)
  • Monthly Recurring costs for 11 sites: 14,999.36 (39% of entire MPLS WAN costs)