SD-WAN is Secure VPN

By using encrypted VPN, branch offices gain secure, local network access to cloud resources. SD-WAN makes these branch office VPN faster and more affordable by combining the bandwidth of multiple connections into a single logical WAN connection.

In addition, SD-WAN provides the ability to offload public Internet traffic at the network edge, reducing traffic sent through the VPN.

Strong AES Encryption

Our SD WAN and bonding tunnels have built-in security option with AES 256 encryption.


Cloud Leased Line

The Cloud Leased Line (CLL) provides secure, fast and reliable connectivity between multiple locations via creating an IP tunnel that uses the bonded Internet access lines available on each side. CLL can enable a bonded VPN Internet pipe between two office locations or between the office and its Internet Data Center via the customer premise equipment. CLL can bond any type of Internet access line from any service providers including DSL, Cable, T1, E1, MPLS etc., without requiring any coordination with the ISPs. CLL IP tunnel supports star and mesh topologies for office to office VPN. CLL supports encryption or can work transparently with your existing VPN to accomplish VPN bonding.

Cloud Leased Line provides a quick Return on Investment (ROI) and lower operating expenses as an alternative to T1/E1/Metro Ethernet/ Dedicated/ Lease based point to point lines. CLL IP tunnel can be used in conjunction to MPLS or as an alternative to MPLS. The total subscription costs of multiple broadband Internet access lines are often substantially less than a single high-speed Internet access line of equivalent bandwidth. The payback period on the investment is often measured in months.