Technology Comparison


It’s important to first understand what you’re looking to do. Consider, for example, that many WAN-related problems can be solved in many ways. Before you take time to review the chart below, it’s important to understand what need you’re trying to meet. Then, the solution(s) you might want to consider will make that much more sense.

Looking to increase network speed?

Perhaps you’re in need of more bandwidth (upload or download) – you should consider looking at:

  • MLPPP – bonding (combining) multiple connections of the same speeds/ type/ISP.
  • Broadband – Unreliable but increased download speeds. Great if you have lot of incoming traffic like for basic email, web browsing, limited VoIP usage.
  • Our SD WAN – Bonded Internet™ will combine network connections (similar to MLPPP) but allows you to combine connections of various speeds/types/ISP. At a lower cost than MLPP and speeds far greater than broadband

Looking to increase network up-time?

If your WAN/Internet connection is frequently off-line, you should consider:

  • Load Balancing – These devices will allocate specific connections for specific applications, and will redirect traffic in the event one of the connections goes offline. However sessions will time out and SSL sessions are not reliable. Will have frequent disconnects, log outs and time outs
  • Lease/Dedicated/E1/T1 – upgrading to a Leased circuit might help with the upload bandwidth you need. But not the download speeds are often insufficient for Cloud Services like hosted Email. Uptime with be in the high 90’s
  • Our SD WAN – Bonded Internet™ combines the connections from different providers in such a way as to maintain uptime for all traffic even if a line fails. It maintains session consistency, SSL security and you wont have disconnects and time outs even if a single connections goes offline.

Looking for Advanced Features like Encryption and Quality of Service?

If you’re switching to Voice-over-IP or using Video Conferencing for sales/services and you’re not getting the quality you need or want, you might want to consider:

  • MPLS – This (really expensive) routing protocol ensures traffic is properly prioritized, queued, and shaped based on its importance to the user.
  • Our SD WAN – Bonded Internet™ allows you to prioritize and encrypt traffic over the public Internet – giving customers all of the benefits of MPLS without the price tag.

 Here’s another snapshot of these (and other) common solutions and their advantages.